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World Postal Museums

Musée de la Poste, Paris, France

We planned to visit this museum on 9th November 2015. It receives excellent reviews on the French web sites. But this museum is CLOSED and, according to the helpful security folk at the Post Office there, will remain so, for about the next two years. When we went, the building housing the museum was in progress of what appears to be a complete renovation. The museum is next to the Post Office on Boulevard de Vaugirard. The location is alongside the Gare Montparnasse, so it is in a convenient location to visit.

If you're thinking of visiting Paris, and intending to go to the postal museum, make sure you check it's open, before wasting your time on a visit. Unfortunately no one in the French tourist organisations seems to have let people know there's no point in visiting at this time. But as there are so many other great things to see and do in Paris, just enjoy them instead!

National Postal Museum, Delhi, India

We visited this museum in September 2015. Although their web sites talk about the material to be seen at this museum, in fact it's pretty disappointing! We read that they had Indian stamps from the beginning, so including the famous "Scinde Dawk" as well as all the other classic material, including the Indian states, etc. The truth is rather different. They have every stamp on show, but only those issued after independence, in 1948. The staff here are friendly and helpful, and there is a small shop selling philatelic materials. And, a bonus, admission is free! But overall, I'd suggest that if you have limited time available, you might consult a decent stamp catalogue to look at these, rather than taking time out of your vacation to visit.

Il Museo Della Posta, Roma, Italy

This little known museum is located towards the South of Rome, just a block away from the metro station "EUR Palasport". It's not easy to visit but it's very worthwhile. You must make a reservation by calling them on +39 06 54442045 or 54443000. (see their website on Our hotel spent a long time trying to make contact and were eventually successful in getting us an appointment to view. That consisted of a 1 1/2 hour guided tour of the exhibits, the museum having been specially opened up for us. Unfortunately we were not able to wander round as we might have liked, but you can't have everything! If you're in Rome it's really worth the effort of arranging a visit, and they even gave us a free, lavishly illustrated, souvenir book "Il Museo Dello Post" (in English and Italian) at the conclusion of our free visit.
The collection was started by the then General Director of Telegraphs, Ernesto D’Amico, who from 1878 to telegraph collected equipment and materials gathered from the Post Offices of the Italian states prior to unification. Inside the museum you can see devices by Meucci and Morse, the floating laboratory used by Guglielmo Marconi in his experiments, the Pantelegraph ancestor of the fax, and one of three copies in the world, of the cryptographic machine Enigma, used during the second World War to transmit coded messages.
The museum also has historic mailboxes and an excellent collection of stamps, as well as a section dedicated to the history of telegraphy, telephony and military radio communications.

If you'd like to suggest any other museum to list here, please use the contact form to advise the webmaster.